The consultation is the most important part in your decision on getting the best treatment for your skin care needs and that suits your lifestyle. We provide free 15 minute consultations to ask your concerns, evaluate your skin and make sure that you fully aware of any side effects, risks, limitations and costs to allow you to make an informed decision.

Med and Wellness Spa

Woman with Face Cream


Custom facials are the key to addressing concerns with your skin, we customize all of our facials to meet your skins individual needs.

Hydrofacial    $75.00

Model Applying Cream

Chemical Peel

Helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, sun and age spots. Reproduces collagen.

Starting at $80.00

Long Lashes

Lash Lift

Like a perm for your lashes giving you weeks of beautiful curl 


Brown Eyes

Lash Extensions

Classic New Set                  $125.00

Classic 2 Week fill               $50.00

Classic 3 Week fill               $70.00

Volume New Set                  $150.00

Volume 2 Week fill               $70.00

Volume 3 Week fill               $90.00

Woman with Hand on Face


1 Session                            $225.00

3 Sessions                           $550.00


Red and Blue Light Therapy

The red light is for anti-aging and inflammation it helps stimulate collagen. The Blue light is for acne and kills acne-causing bacteria  

One Treatment    $25.00

Before and After

Radio Frequency

Reproduces collagen tightens and tones skin

3 Sessions                            $250.00


6 Sessions                            $450.00

Long Lashes

Lash Tint 

Tinting your lashes gives them a full look without having to use mascara




With the use of advanced technology and oxidize crystals dead skin is removed , skin tone is evened out and rejuvenated and serums are applied

Starting at $100.00


Cosmetic Tattoo

Microblading                        $400.00

Powder Brow                        $400.00

Lips                                      $400.00

Eyeliner                                $350.00

Facial Treatment


helps to even skin tone and promote cellular renewal with customized oxide crystals

Add Lymphatic Drainage    $10.00


Add peel :

Double Peel                         $80.00

Triple Peel                            $90.00

with AHA Peel                     $90.00


Beauty Treatment

High Frequency

Eyes                                      $10.00

helps with circulation and puffy eyes

Full Face                                 $20.00

helps with acne 

Confident Fit Girl

Ultra Lipo

Permanently melts fat, tightens and tones

3 Sessions                            $275.00


6 Sessions                            $475.00



Botox                   $9.00 per unit 

Juvederm              $700.00 per syringe